Conservation ideas for kids during the E.O. for staying at home – April 15, 2020


  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  • Rinse fruit and vegetables over a bucket or dish and then use that water for houseplants or your parents garden.
  • Collect rainwater from your rain spouts with buckets and reuse it to water your parents garden.

April 20th, 20 different locations!!!!

20 days and 20 cleanups!
So far the Bassinators have cleaned the following 20 Locations!

  1. Nolan – Mississippi River
  2. Lake Waconia, Waconia, MN  – Will
  3. Howard Lake, Howard Lake, MN –  Hannah  & Dir. Justin
  4. Lake Minnetonka (Halstead’s Launch) – Nicholas
  5. Lake Johanna – Arden Hills, MN – Ty and his sister
  6. Bush Lake – Bloomington, MN – Freddie
  7. Winsted Lake – Winsted, MN – Cody & Brok
  8. Cross Lake / Snake River – Pine City, MN – Logan
  9. Squaw Lake – New Richmond, WI – Nathan
  10. Bass Lake – St. Croix County, WI – Nathan
  11. Willow River – Hudson, WI  – Nathan
  12. Eagle Lake – Maple Grove, MN – Gavin, Cullen, Dir. Justin
  13. Mississippi River – Hastings, MN –  Boat Launch –
    John – Gopher Bassmasters
  14. Long Lake – New Brighton, MN – President Jeffrey of Bassinators
  15. Cedar Lake – Annandale, MN – Noah, Austin, Annebell and Dir. Adam
  16. Sugar Lake – Annandale, MN – Noah, Austin, Annebell and Dir. Adam
  17. Pleasent Lake – Annandale, MN – Noah, Austin, Annebell and Dir. Adam
  18. Clearwater Lake – Annandale, MN – Noah, Austin, Annebell and Dir. Adam
  19. John Lake – Annandale, MN – Noah, Austin, Annebell and Dir. Adam
  20. Lake Owasso – Roseville, MN – Ryan


2020 Registration Is Near



2020 Bassinators Lakes & Rivers Cleanup

The Bassinators Board of Directors have decided to modify this year’s lakes’ clean up event.

This year’s event will involve “Fishtancing” aka social distancing, while promoting a healthier & safer world.  The idea is fishing programs and tournaments across the board have become more digital with cellphones through apps which promote healthier lakes and fish.  This will also give Bassinators the opportunity to give back to more Minnesota Lakes and Rivers!


  1. Go to ANY nearby lake, river, creek, pond at ANY time between now and April 18.
  2. Clean up the public access, trails, park, waterline, etc.
  3. Take a picture in front of the park sign with the awesome work you did.
  4. Send picture(s) to Jeffrey, Adam or Justin, with the bag of trash or work you did.
  5. Receive a pack of soft plastic worms for your commitment to conservation and the environment with the Bassinators.

Bassinators continue to take the health and safety of our youth anglers, families and volunteers very seriously and will continue to meet with other fishing organizations, experts, local and state authorities, and follow the guidance from the DNR, Governor and President.

More details to come in the future regarding Bassinators 1st “Fishtancing” season!