About Us

The Bassinators Junior Fishing Club was started in 2004 by Jeffrey Nelson.

The Bassinators Junior Fishing Club is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization.

All fishing experience levels welcome

Kids must be in 2nd grade to 8th grade,  but to qualify for nationals, each year a youth must be in 8th grade or below on our Tournament of  is in early Oct.
     The way our club works: Dues are $200 per kid for the year.  This covers the National TBF junior Membership,  Event insurance,  prizes, food. Each child will receive 400-600 worth of prizes over the course of the summer.
     Boats are not needed,  but help alot.  Fishing equipment can be 1-3 poles and a tackle bag/box. Our volunteer boat captains are very good and can help teach tying knots or what lure to tie on. If the boat captain or your child need help,  the board of directors and myself can help ahead of time.
     Once you sign up your child we add your email to our parents email list. Before each tournament we send out a email asking if each child wants to fish,  needs a partner , needs a boat captain.  You then reply with what your child needs. We will find a partner and boat captain if needed.
Then you show up to the boat ramp, we introduce your boat captain, have a group safety meeting,  then all boats go fishing. We use the catch, photo, release method using the Fish Donkey app. After the tournament we have a awards ceremony where we hand out prizes to every kid.
    We hold 8 events/tournaments each year.  Our first event is the Coon Lake Clean up.  Each April we gather new members returning members and prospective members and Clean up trash at the coon lake county park and boat ramp,  have a picnic and give away prizes with a guest speaker.
then may is a virtual multi species tournament using the FishDonkey app. where the youth fishes any lake for pike, walleye and bass.
then june- oct we have 1 tournament a month for bass only.
     We award points to each child each tournament based on how they finish.  the top teams then qualify for the TBF Junior World championship the following year.
October is our final tournament,  we eat and award year end plaques.
a boat captain and boat will be provided if needed.
parents do not need to be on the boat,  the boat captain will take care of the youth.
I stay on shore the whole time,  parents are welcome to stay with me ,sometimes we go to breakfast,  some parents go home,  some do other stuff.
Tournament times are 7am – 1 pm. typical meeting times in the morning at the boat ramp is 615
No minimum tournaments to fish in. We are relaxed.  We do give away extra prizes at the end of the year for perfect attendance..  We send a few teams to the Junior World Championship,  qualifying is done by earning points each tournament based on tournament finish and we look at perfect attendance.

Check out our Facebook page.

Questions,  email Adam at toppscollector48901@hotmail.com

or Jeffrey at Jeffreymnbass@aol.com