Cedar Lake Results

Bassinators 4th Stop
Cedar Lake (Fairbault) Results
A little rain in the morning and a tough bite all day for most teams. But we had a great tournament!  We had a member, that today was his first Tournament ever! We also had a member , that today he received his first plaque! He was so excited.
11 Boats
29 Largemouth Bass Entered and Released
Big Bass- Tristan- 18.25 inch
1st- Tristan/Hunter/Austin F- 75 inches
2nd- Austin /Jimmy- 73.25 inches
3rd- Gabe/Geno- 59.25 inches
4th- Brent A/Gage- 43 inches
5th- Nathan S/ Austin H- 40.5 inches
6th- Quentin/Oliver- 30 inches
7th- Cormac- 27 inches
8th- Connor L/Ryan A- 15.25 inches
9th- Gavin/Grady/Josh G- 15 inches
10th- Luke L/Owen/F/Chloe H- 14 inches
11th- Alex P/ Teddy H- 0 inches
We want to thank all our sponsors for their Generous donations!
We want to thank our boat captains for volunteering their time. Today we had several boat captains that graciously took 3 youth anglers in their boats so no one was left on shore!! We also have boat captains that don’t have any kids in our club!
We want to thank all the parents for getting up early and driving a long ways to make your kids happy.
We truly appreciate everyone!!
Our next tournament will be our last of the year.  It’s our TOC! Saturday October 1st on Lake Waconia. Watch for emails to sign up.
Bassinators Board of Directors

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